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Oral-B GENIUS Gingivitis System

Bluetooth - Electric - Portable

Discover revolutionary oral care with the GENIUS 'Professional Exclusive' Power Electric, Bluetooth SMART toothbrush. Designed to help a Patient brush like your Dentist recommends.

The GENIUS seamlessly connects with the Oral-B smartphone app and Bluetooth technology provides you with customized, real-time feedback about your brushing habits, including highly advanced Position Detection technology.

CLICK HERE for $20 MAIL-IN REBATE (Offer begins 7/1/17 - 6/30/18. *MUST be postmarked by 7/31/18.)

Our Price: $99  
  • The triple pressure sensor protects your gums from over-brushing. The SmartRing illuminates and pulsates, when you brush too hard. The brush handle can be set to 'Sensitive' mode.
  • A professionally inspired CrossAction brush head is round and specially designed for a tooth-by-tooth clean, with criss-cross bristles set at a 16-degree angle reaching deep between teeth to lift and power away up to 100% more plaque.
  • Oral-B replacement electric brush heads available at Malcomson Dentistry.
  • Rechargeable handle has 5 modes: Daily Clean Plus Triple Sensor, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Deep Clean.

Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads:


  • Available for purchase in packages of 1 - 3.
  • Universal for older and newer Oral-B rechargeable toothbrushes.
Our Price: $8 - 24

Whitening Products:

Venus White Pro 22% and 35%, PHILIPS ZOOM! 14% and KoR Whitening 16%


Malcomson Dentistry patients choosing to whiten their teeth may purchase a refill of their need specific whitening gel. While it's beneficial to have a hygiene appointment prior to whitening, feel free to stop by the office to pick up a refill.

Our Price: $40 for 2 tubes of Venus White Pro and PHILIPS ZOOM! whitening gels (KoR gel: 1 tube for $40)

Clinical DDS Activated Oral Rinse

SmartMouth Clinical DDS Activated Oral Rinse provides the SmartMouth standard of bad breath prevention by eliminating and preventing the production of sulfur gas for 12 hours per rinse. Additionally, this formula combines zinc ion technology with maximum anti plaque and anti gingivitis benefits to help prevent bleeding gums. SmartMouth Clinical DDS provides optimal oral and general health without sacrificing any of SmartMouth's elite anti bad breath technology.

Our Price: $14  
    SmartMouth eliminates* bad breath and prevents it from returning for 12 hours per rinse. Pour both liquids into the mouthwash cup. These liquids must be kept separate before rinsing to ensure maximum effectiveness. Zinc ions activate when the solutions come together. SmartMouth Clinical Mouthwash is alcohol-free and safe for diabetics.

Dry Mouth Activated Oral Rinse

SmartMouth Dry Mouth Activated Oral Rinse soothes and moisturizes with Moisture-Lock technology and contains zinc ion to eliminate bad breath while keeping it from coming back for a full 12 hours per rinse. Dry mouth also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to produce stinky sulfur gas.

Our Price: $14  
    • SmartMouth mouthwash for Dry Mouth formula combines dry mouth relief and bad breath prevention in a never-before-seen way. Stop dealing with bad breath and uncomfortable dry mouth!
SmartMouth Dry Mouth mouthwash is alcohol-free and safe for diabetics.
    • Relieves dry mouth - a dry sticky feeling in the mouth, sore mouth and cracked lips, trouble chewing or swallowing and bad breath.
    • Soothes and moisturizes dry mouth symptoms.

Smart Mouth Premium Toothpaste

The zinc ion technology in SmartMouth Premium Toothpaste introduces health promoting zinc ions subgingivally, meaning they can reach the difficult area between your gums and teeth. SmartMouth Premium Toothpaste uses zinc ion technology in conjunction with other premium features to provide enamel strengthening, anti plaque, anti cavity, sensitive whitening and elite oral health protection, all with a mild mint flavor and no aftertaste.

Our Price: $8  
      • For best results, use with any
      • Oral Rinse for 24 hour bad breath prevention with twice daily use. For maximum gingivitis & bleeding gums protection, use with
    SmartMouthClinical DDS Activated Oral Rinse

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