8218 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 415
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 656-1588

What Our Patients Can Expect...

  • An expert level of professional skill and ability.
  • Dedication to your oral health, in order to reduce costly restorative dental work.
  • The Right Treatment at the Right Time!

In order for our relationship to be mutually satisfying and beneficial, we ask Patients who have a question about their Treatment Plan, fees for dental services or concerns about an upcoming dental procedure, contact the office in a timely fashion, during business hours.

Your 1st visit with Dr. Denise Malcomson...

  • New Patients should complete the following forms: Patient Registration, Medical History, and Radiograph & Records Release Request (Patient Registration Packet). Patients will also be asked to sign a HIPAA Acknowledgment in the office. *Plan to arrive ten (10) minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time in order to complete the registration process.
  • Radiographs (x-rays) enable Dr. Malcomson to fully examine your teeth and bone level surrounding your teeth. Yearly Bitewing Radiographs (BWX) are recommended to evaluate decay under the gumline. If a Patient provides radiographs from their previous Dentist, duplicates may not be required. If you have a recent Full Mouth Series (FMX) and/or a Panoramic radiograph, they can be forwarded to MalcomsonDentistry@gmail.com.
  • Dr. Malcomson performs a full dental examination with periodontal probing, reviews the Patient's dental history and most recent radiographs. Depending on time allowance, and the Patient needs a Hygiene appointment may occur. Patients will always receive a Treatment Plan specific to their dental needs and wants.
  • Don't forget to schedule your next appointment... Semi-annual hygiene appointments are routinely scheduled at six-month intervals. Malcomson Dentistry does not accept insurance, however, most dental insurance providers allow up to two hygiene appointments per calendar year. Please consult your insurance provider for details on your specific policy coverage. Depending on your oral health, age and lifestyle, Dr. Malcomson may recommend more frequent visits. This is only a recommendation.

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