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Teeth Whitening

    • Dr. Malcomson recommends a recent Hygiene appointment followed by the application of a desensitizing medicament and fluoride varnish, that penetrates teeth and enhances your whitening process, as well as preventing sensitivity due to the peroxide.
    Malcomson Dentistry's custom whitening program begins with a short consultation. We sell four 'peroxide' formulas with varied strengths to whiten teeth. Dr. Malcomson will recommend the formula best suited for the Patient's whitening needs, allowing for optimal whitening results. Patients' teeth and lifestyles differ, so might the whitening process - dark or grayish stained teeth may be due to medication and natural tooth structure, whereas yellowy stained teeth may be due to lifestyle (foods, drinking and / or smoking). No matter the scenario, Dr. Malcomson can help to brighten and whiten your smile!
 It's the Right Time to Whiten Your Teeth...
  1. Schedule your 1st 30-minute appointment for whitening tray impressions (50% payment due).
  2. Schedule your 2nd appointment in approximately 4-7 days, to pick up your custom whitening trays. Dr. Malcomson will go over instructions and perform a shade check. You’re ready to start whitening TODAY!
  3. Schedule your 3rd appointment (15-minutes) in approximately two weeks for a shade check and to receive maintenance instructions.
During the teeth whitening program, Dr. Malcomson suggests avoiding:
  • Dark staining beverages such as; tea, coffee, red wine, fruit juice, tomato sauce, soy sauce, chocolate, and "any foods or drinks that would leave a stain on a white shirt."

  Watch a short Patient education video on Teeth Whitening

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