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Why Do I Need a Dental Treatment Plan?

Treatment PlanUnderstanding Your Treatment Plan

The path to a healthier mouth starts with your dental treatment plan. Developed just for you, and based on your specific dental needs. You and your dental team will work together, to ensure your mouth is healthy and you're smiling bright!

What it entails...

A Treatment Plan outlines exactly what dental services your dentist recommends, in what time frame, and the associated fees. It is a comprehensive, big-picture approach to oral care, designed to prevent small issues from getting bigger and more expensive.

Your customized plan is just that — yours...

When questions arise, or you don’t feel comfortable with an aspect of your dental treatment plan, talk with your dentist. It’s important that you feel comfortable about your path toward better oral health. At Malcomson Dentistry, our mission is to provide our Patients with The Right Treatment at the Right Time!

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