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Protect Your Teeth!


Did you know...  the BEST type of athletic mouthguard is one that is custom fabricated to fit the athlete's teeth. A mouthguard; whether athletic or occlusal that is purchased from a retail store, never quite fits as snug as it is required to be in order to fully protect the teeth from grinding or clenching while playing a sport.

In order to have full protection from possible impact, an athlete shouldn’t be clenching their teeth while they are playing. Many sport organizations mandate that ALL players are required to wear a sport specific mouthguard, in addition to the appropriate level of eye, head and body protection. Whether your athlete plays lacrosse, soccer, ice hockey or basketball; a ball or elbow to the face could cause serious facial injury. A blow to the face will often damage teeth, a jaw, or a fixed orthodontic appliance, causing long-term oral health issues. A mouthguard acts as barrier between the braces, cheek and lips; often reducing the risk of hard and soft tissue injuries and even concussions!

Sincerely, Dr. Malcomson, D.D.S.

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